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There is nothing like a treasure hunt and finding that

special item that calls your name. A beautifully aged country table, a unique piece of art, a perfect decor accent that defines your personality and style .  One doesn't really need much, only to adore the things one does have.  Antiquing and collecting bring new life to old things.  Unique things.  You won't find them at a box store, you can't make them, you can only hope that they will find their way to you.  That's the fun of collecting antiques and lost treasures.

That's what we Two Birds strive to do.  

We are two sisters, both hunters and gatherers of primitive, 

mid-century and fine antiques and collectibles.   Both originally from Quebec, we have settled west.  Patricia is the country bird, soaring and hunting above the wide prairie skyline .  Tina, ever the city bird, has built her treasure nest in Calgary, 

Two Birds, purveyors of beautiful old things, would love share our treasures and expertise with you and help you in your own

search for that something special.





WE ARE SELLERS - Beautiful and unique items simply have to be shared. That is central to Two Birds.  We sell our treasures privately, through retail and online.

WE ARE CONSIGNORS - One person's junk is another's treasure as they say. It couldn't be more true. Whether you are downsizing, simplifying or simply feeling you can offer new life to some of your old things, we can help.  We will buy or consign your once loved items needing a new home.

WE ARE HUNTERS - Been looking for that something special for a while?  Please let us know.  As active auction goers, hunters, gatherers and surfers for great antiques and collectibles, we might be able to help!



The Two Birds collection is quite extensive.  Regrettably, individual items are too many to list and are changing all the time.  As a quick sampling,

Two Birds collect primarily in four disciplines.

Primitives and Canadiana 

Think Shaker and Quebec pine.  Old butter churns, ice cream makers and kitchenware, loved and worn ranch and farm tools, early rustic chairs, tables and curios.  Sneak a peek             


Think Austin Powers and Mad Men.  Vintage teak and walnut furniture, tube shortwave radios and eight-track stereo consoles, whisk-worn pyrex and groovy kitchen, cocktail and entertainment must-haves. Total '50s, 60's and 70's, with just a splash of the 80's.  And a sampling            

European and Asian

Think Queen Victoria and the Far East.  Rich mahogany, velvet, silver, crystal and bone china, chinoiserie and cloisonne, saris and netsukes.  Take a look            

Curiosities and Oddities

Think surprise bag!  We never know what uniques finds find us! Art, feather hats and jewellry fall under this category as might vintage license plates, WWII militaria, iron yarn ballers, mink stoles or a vintage yo-yo.  And more            



The TWO BIRDS 'nest' of antique and collectible

treasures is located in southwest Calgary


As a home-based business, you will find us

on-line, at antique and collectible markets and,

on request, in person for inventory viewing. 


We also have a booth at  Ella Grace Marketplace

in the Heritage Meadows shopping area in Calgary

at 7271 12 St. SE. 


It's open seven days a week from 10:00 to 6:00.  

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TWO BIRDS showcases its treasures on a variety

of on-line platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Marketplace,

Kijiji and a number of other auction and sales sites.  

Our primary online shop, however is Etsy. 


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And, of course, please email or call for answers to any

of your questions.  We would love to chat with you!


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